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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery are vital tools that a business should employ.  


Backups are used to safeguard data, buisiness processes, and customer information.  Many times is is overlooked or pushed off until some other time, but beware that not having a backup strategy puts the most important part of your business in jeopardy.  Whether a hard disk drive failure or a natural disaster is the cause of losing data, the effects can be catastropic.  

Disaster Recovery 

Disaster recovery is similar but separate to general backups.  Disaster recovery is the capability to quickly and gracefully recover from a serious system fault.  With the maturation of virtualization you can now recovery an entire computer systems and networks associated with it.

Let Us Help

AlphaStax will work with you to identify the critical pieces of your infrastructure and develop a plan to be ready in the event that something happens.

We provide

  • Data Backup
  • Server Backup
  • Disaster Recovery plan development
  • Disaster Recovery testing