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Enterprise Services

Hosted/Cloud Solutions

For smaller to mid-sized business, AlphaStax wanted to ensure that companies and organizations could begin using sophisticated and value-added services without the upfront costs often associated with deploying the solutions on their own or within their enterprise - AlphaStax Hosted and Cloud Solutions provide this capability, while still allowing for growth strategies which allow you move into more complex solutions when you are ready.

Platform as a Service (Web PaaS) - Scalable, flexible solutions for website and application hosting

Microsoft NAV / CRM Solutions  - Sales & Marketing, Customer Relations, and HR

On-Premise Deployment

When a hosted solution no longer provides the kind of felxibility or growth capabilities needed for your organization, we have extensive capabilities for seamless integration or migration to these solutions while maintaining the needed business continuity not often found.

Server Deployment - Linux / Microsoft Server solutions

Email Services - Linux / Microsoft Exchange email solution deployment