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At AlphaStax, we full embrace both commercial and open-souced Virtualization Technologies such as Microsoft Private/Public Virtualization and Cloud, VM-Ware, and platforms Such as OpenStack and RHEL Virtualization. Part of this strategy is not only to provide the most cost-effective, flexible, and scalable solutions to our clients, but also to leverage their advanced capabilities to provide a bas eof infrastructure un-patalleled with previous technologies.

Microsft Private/Public Cloud and Azure:

As a Technology Partner, Microsoft has invested great deals of resources and come a long way to extend much of its data-center infrastructure to outside organizations for those like AlphaStax to provide these Next-generation solutions to our Clients, as well as to allow AlphaStax to help our clients deploy them directly into theire existing Enterprise Infrastructure. It doesn't matter if your organization is looking for a familiar Public-Cloud, wish to extend your current infrastructure with virtualization, or it a Hybrid-Cloud solution is best for your business - AlphaStax can provide the needed technology and expertise.


For several years now a growing community has been working towards an open-sourced solution that is ready for the Enterprise, and all the demands this entails - It is our firm belief after clountless years and resources that this Solution, is indeed the OpenStack Platform. AlphaStack has deployed a highly scalable OpenStack infrastruction on top of CentOS and Red Hat Enteprise servers in a way that allows is to minicosts costs to such a degree, these are both ectended and realized in a real, measurable way for our valued clients.